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Why did I get a bill for the summer when I have a summer credit for room renovations?

All summer residents recieve bills. If you have a credit due to room renovations it will be applied to your account at the end of the summer. Any late fees incurred due to the summer will also be credited at this time. Please note that all room renovation reciepts are due in to the Housing Corporation no later than August 31st. There can be no exceptions.

Why did some brothers get bills while others did not?

All active brothers were issued Omega Bills. Most bills went to the Frat House, however some were sent directly to the brother's home address. If you did not recieve a bill at the Frat, you should check your home mailbox as it should be there.

I do not live in the house, why am I being charged so many charges?

All active brothers pay towards the budgets that keep the house operational, not just the brothers living in the house. You can see a list of charges and their descriptions by looking at paragraph 2 of the current housing contracts. You can view these online in the Housing Corporation section.

I am a pledge, why am I being charged the same rate as a brother?

Semester charges are sent out once per semester. In order to give pledges the option of obtaining the pre-payment discount, their invoices needed to be sent out at the same time as the brother's invoices. Note that any pledges that do not become brothers before the end of the semester will have their payments refunded to them upon their request.

Why did the bills go up this semester?

The actual budgets this semester did not change at all from last semester. However, the bills increased since there are now fewer brothers than last semester.

How does this pre-payment discount work?

Any brother who pays their balance in full before the deadline will automatically recieve a 5% discount of all charges accessed on the 1st invoice of the Semester. This amount is noted on the Omega invoice. Any overpayment will be credited to the brother's account, and a refund will be made upon the brother's request. Note, however, that to qualify for the discount, a brother's signed contract must also be returned before the deadline.

What is the mailing list?

This list is used to keep all brothers (active and alumni) informed as well as to provide a forum for discussion.

How do I access the mailing list?

To access this mailing list you must first send an email to with the word "subscribe" as the only text in the body.

How do I post messages to the list?

Once you are a member of the list you may post messages by writing to

How do I found out who else is on the list?

To find out who is currently on the list send a message to with the words "who" in the body. At last count there were 88 members.

What if I have more questions?

For more details or if you have any problems, contact Chris Candreava at

Where can I find the current Housing contracts?

You can find all the contracts here.

How can I donate money to fund the Alumni Association Operating Budgets?

The following lists show the Brothers who have made a donation to the Alumni Associations Operating budgets. If you wish to contribute contact the treasurer at, use the envelope provided with your current alumni newsletter or send your donation to Alumni Records Office Gamma Delta Chapter of Sigma Nu ATTN: Joseph Santoro PO Box 35 New Brunswick, NJ 08903-0035

Where does the donated money go?

All donations go towards the publication and distribution of the Sigma News as well as the Scholarships awarded at the White Rose Ball each year.

What are the scholarships?

Each year at the White Rose Ball, the Alumni Association issues 2 scholarships to 2 active brothers. The Scholarship winners are chosen by the Alumni Association Executive Board from a pool of applications that are submitted. The Gold Key Scholarship goes to an upperclassmen brother. It is an award for $1000.00. The Silver Key award is given to a brother in his 1st year as an active brother. This award is $750.00. The Awards are available for use to pay the active brother's fraternity bills, Housing Corporation bills, or Stevens Tuition bills. The money for these scholarships comes directly from the donations recieved by Alumni throughout the year. To make a donation, please see the instructions in the donations section of this web site.

Is there an RSS feed for this site?

Yes there is. You can add the following url - - into your RSS newsreader to keep up to date on the Gamma Delta Alumni website.

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