Sad news
By: grouchybear (grouchybear) 2013.10.28

<span class="test">On 10/27/13 5:28 AM, Joe Tykowski wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I know we've all been out of touch for a long time... And I apologize for this rather impersonal communication, however, it seemed like a good way to reach out to the brotherhood.

I just wanted to let you know that Mike Barno passed away yesterday morning, Oct 26th, 2013. His wife, Pat called me to say that Mike had a heart attack. She was still in a fog trying to come to grips with the situation, so no details are available at this moment.

For those of you who haven't been in touch with Mike in the last few years, he leaves behind 5 children: Elizabeth, Michael, Katie, Emily, and James. The Barnos have lived in Ballston Spa, NY (outside of Albany) pretty much since Mike joined GE back in 1985.

I know that I was able to talk to some of you personally... and I also know that I am not the most connected individual out there. If you have any other contacts with the brothers and little sisters that knew Mike and Pat, I would be grateful if you would pass this along, and say a prayer for the Barno family...