Alumni Board Elections / Poker Tournament - April 2, 2011
By: gd1203 (gd1203) 2011.02.16

Hope you all have had a happy holiday season, but the time has come for us to thaw out and get together this spring.    We are planning on holding elections for all Alumni Association Board Positions (President., Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, 2 Members at Large, and a Webmaster).  These would all be 2 year terms.  We didn't really a webmaster this past term, or a secretary really for what it's worth, but figure we could use these elections and this meeting to discuss how we'd like to move forward and stay in contact online.   If you are unable to attend in person, we will be setting up a conference bridge so you can dial in.  That's how Alvi got elected president years ago :).  We'll send the conference info as we get closer to the date, and I start sending out reminders.
After elections, we are thinking of holding a poker tournament with maybe a $10 or $20 buy-in, depending how many people are interested.   Adam said he has chips he can bring, but if anyone else has poker chips or cards, feel free to bring them too.
Here's the timeline:
1:30 or 2pm - people start showing up
2:30 or so - Alumni Meeting to discuss what's been going on with the alumni association, our thoughts for the future, and then hold elections.
3pm or so - poker
We'll probably order some pizza or something for food.  If you are in contact with any other alumni (old or recent) that may not be on this list, please forward this to them.   We'll be gathering email addresses again at the meeting and then adding them to the official list en masse.
Please spread the word, and start thinking about possible interest in any positions.   We are looking for more recent alumni to hand the reigns to.  

Let us know if you have any questions!